About Us

INIX NETWORK SDN BHD is a private limited establishment, a subsidiary of INIX BERHAD (ACE market public listed company) with core businesses that strongly related to Information Technology (IT) software industry; capable of providing a wide range of IT solutions to potential clients worldwide. INIX NETWORK SDN BHD was established in 2013 believing that an informed society through technological advancement can create a better world. The team had been involving in development and IT industry related experience for more than 5 years. We are motivated by the fact that technological innovation will transform the communities in which we live into a knowledge-based and sustainable society. Our solutions are geared towards elevating the living standard of communities towards sustainable growth.

INIX NETWORK SDN BHD is aimed to provide variety of services including but not limited to:

  1. Software and applications development
  2. Customized systems development or modifications
  3. Prototype research
  4. Bandwidth provider
  5. Server rack and IP solutions
  6. Web / HTML5 web applications

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